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World’s Best Sandwich – Porchetta

January 11, 2017

I finally had the chance to try Toronto’s Porchetta and Company. The famous Porchetta Sandwich certainly lives up to the hype and then some. A friend of mine who lives in Toronto’s trendy West Queen West neighborhood told me about how great this place was. But I’ll be honest, I barely gave it much thought. In fact, I distinctly recall looking down at my phone to check my Instagram as soon as I heard the word sandwich. How distinctive can a sandwich be?  Great sandwich shops are popping up in every major city. I barely feel the need to research new Sandwich shops to try when I visit a new city.  I remember finding some of the best Banh Mi stalls in Saigon every 10 meters it felt.

The Sandwich

I heard the word “crackling” and I knew right away that this would be an absolutely delicious sandwich. I immediately knew that this was not just any sandwich. This was a sandwich shop that recognized the old chef saying that “fat means flavor” and completely latched on to it! Heck, as delicious as the roast pork is, it’s the crackling that competes for your palettes attention at every bite. The attention to detail in this delicious Porchetta Sandwich is impeccable. Even the mustard is the best damn mustard I’ve ever tasted. The house made kaiser bun is soft on the inside, but crunchy on the outside which helps to hold the sandwich together.

The Service

It was quiet in the morning when I walked in. I traveled to Toronto from out of town to watch my beloved Toronto FC soccer club lose on penalties in the MLS Cup Final. It was truly devastating and I needed the type of comfort food only my late mother knew how to cook. I walked in unannounced and was the only person in the shop. The staff were great sports playing along. The cashier Kim even posed for the camera but I ruined the moment thanks to my unfamiliarity with my new camera.

My sandwich was made quickly, but by the time the sandwich was ready their was already a line-up to the door. Clearly, this was the hottest place in town for locals. My first bite was as magical as the crunch on the crackling. At first, it doesn’t seem like they put a lot in, but as soon as you take the bite, I notice they jammed as much beat into the soft part of the bun as they can. Anthony Bourdain described it as melt in your mouth and I would have to agree. An episode of his hit television serious Layover  was filmed in Toronto and aired on CNN and Travel Channel.  Next time you come to Toronto don’t forget to keep this unscripted blog post in mind. I’d suggest skipping the lame CN Tower tour and go straight for this crackling good sandwich (pun intended). It is truly the World’s Best Sandwich.



Quantum Lifestyle

January 3, 2017

Located in a newly restored heritage building, Quantum Coffee opened just over a year ago. This building was better known as the home of the Global Village Backpackers hostel which closed after its owner died. I couldn’t help notice the modern signage tucked into the historic 460 King Street West building so I decided to check it out. What I found was one of the classiest yet unpretentious cafe experiences in the City. Pretty damn cool name too!

Quantum Coffee Lifestyle


Inside, the cafe feels minimalist, clean and spacious. It felt inviting. They use a unique method to manage coffee aficionados. You have one side of the coffee shop to order your coffee, and to pick up your pastries and grinds to take home. At the opposite side of the cafe is where the baristas make their coffee. This appears to contribute to the nice airy feeling when walking into the cafe. It’s not actually a very large space. But by separating the customers placing orders to people waiting for lattes, it seems to reduce crowding. In the back is a lot of seating that converts into a space for events in the evening.

Caffeinated Verdict

But the most important part is of course, the coffee. The coffee has a sour note and even a hint of natural sweetness. It’s exactly the flavor profile I enjoy when drinking coffee.  Quantum Coffee is also one of the only cafes that uses the Pour Steady machine. The flavor of the coffee is supposed to come out more consistent using this machine. The mild flavor that comes out reminds me of the type of coffee I had in Taiwan where the Japanese syphon was popular.

This is definitely a spot to check out if you happen to be in Toronto. There are not very many places that compare to the quality of coffee that I found in Taipei (Taiwan). Taiwan has fast become the best coffee city in the world. But this place is comparable to the quality I found there.





Comfort Food by Apt34

December 30, 2016

If you’re looking for something to do this holiday break, try making one of these 10 amazing winter recipes…Here’s a round-up of the winter recipes I’m planning to try over the break.

Source: 10 Recipes to Try Over Holiday Break – Apartment34

Erin over at Apartment 34 compiled a list of these absolutely delicious comfort food recipes that she might try over the holidays. Here are my three favorites!

1. Spicy Soba & Miso Soup by Local Milk
























2. White Bean and Fennel Soup via Tending the Table 













3. Coq Au Vin by Half Baked Harvest 

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